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 SECS-II    300mm




SECS/GEM Software Tools
Fast, High-Level Integration

New to the SECS/GEM standards?

Read our  Introduction to SECS/GEM


Sensible, flexible, and extensible support of the SECS/GEM protocols Learn More 

Rapid characterization and deployment.
Rock solid, stable 7x24 operation.

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New! OPC Integration!

Manage OPC and SECS with one toolset!
Add SECS/GEM to your OPC

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You name the platform, we've got the tools
  • Whether it's C++ on Linux, .NET, or adding a SECS interface to a Visual Basic tool controller, we have you covered.
  • Our SECS/GEM toolset is a perfect fit for the emerging  Photovoltaic Industry standard.  A factory can integrate OPC controllers and devices with the same productive, high-level toolset used for SECS.  An OEM deployment is focused on the important items needed for a compliant, quality interface without wasted effort.
  • Demonstrated reliability and uptime excellence.
  • Extensible SECS/GEM software - you won't need a toolset revision every time the standards change. 
  • Our Datahub middleware provides high performance data and event distribution to enable distributed applications.  Tunnel through firewalls, connect dissimilar platforms, aggregate and disperse data without the hassles of DCOM.

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