iwidgets - Iwidgets Demo Application



dmh_wish -tclargs "package require Iwidgets" \
  "cd [file join [set iwidgets::library] demos]" \
  "source catalog"


Iwidgets is a freely available package containing high quality composite graphical user interface widgets built with the [incr Tk] and [incr Tcl] extensions. The installation of Iwidgets usually includes the installation of demonstration scripts in the subdirectory demos of the Iwidgets library directory. These scripts are very useful to see capabilities of the package, and example code. The script named catalog is the usual one to execute from the command line, or to source from a wish shell prompt. The SYNOPSIS shows the Tcl code needed to load the catalog script into a dmh_wish shell using statements that are not sensitive to the version or the installation path of Iwidgets. For your convenience, on Windows platforms a Start menu program item is installed for the catalog script. On POSIX platforms, the script iwidgets85 is installed in the DMH_BIN directory for starting the catalog script.




Hume Integration wrote this document. The authors of Iwidgets provided the catalog script and supporting scripts.


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