info_var - return value information on a variable


::dmh::info_var varname ?level? ?separator? ?newname?


The info_var command returns a set of Tcl assignment statements that are useful to display the value of a variable, or to save, transport, or restore the value of a variable. The varname argument is used to specify the variable name. The optional level argument defaults to 1 which specifies variables in the caller's stack frame, but #0 can be used to specify global data items. The level argument is explained with the Tcl uplevel command. The optional separator argument is used to override the default use of the space character and a newline which are used to separate assignment statements in the result. The optional argument newname is used to obtain assignment statements where the original variable name is changed to newname.




Hume Integration Software

This command is distributed with the Hume Datahub SDK, and is not part of the ordinary Tcl/Tk distribution.


data debug info restore save serialize streamable variable