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 SECS-II    300mm




                                                       Our Customers

Built from Hume products, Network Integrated Manufacturing is thriving at industry leading companies. In many cases, our customers begin by implementing our SECS/GEM interface.  As they become familiar with the power and flexibility of the Datahub middleware, it is embraced as well.  C.S. writes:

"You should definitely add us to your "Our Customers" page.  Hume is a great success story here.  We are working to convert the remaining Grapheq-based tool sets to Hume.  In the process we plan to decommission 20 old HP/UX servers." 

Here are a few of our valued customers:

           (Read a case study of Agilent's success with Hume)                            




             (Read about K&S KNet product, built on our Datahub)





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