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Tcl/Tk - Designed to be an Integration Platform

Congratulations on choosing a portable, robust, and efficient language environment for your SECS/GEM integration project.  We love the interactive productivity of using Tcl, with its great introspection features, and the elimination of compiling, linking, and continually restarting.  We are recognized worldwide for our leadership in using Tcl/Tk in the Semiconductor and Electronics industries.  Our Inspect introspection debugger is world class and without peer. 

  • We provide customizable SECS/GEM applications that work well with newer equipment as well as the older tools that have all those quirks and non-standard behaviors. 

  • We put our reference documentation right here on the web, where you can look it over without having to hassle with non-disclosure agreements and aggressive salesmen. 

  • We include the tools you need for development - use the SECS host and equipment applications of the Datahub SDK to exercise and test your SECS interface.  

  • We also feature Tcl extensions for database integration, OPC, and various protocols such as UDP.

Check us out and learn why we are the preferred choice for fast-moving companies that know how to get the job done!

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