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Discover rapid SECS/GEM integration

  • A high-level, working SECS/GEM interface ready for adding equipment specific customization.

  • Built-in handling of more than 100 standard SECS message types, all required GEM variables and event types.

  • .NET, Java, VB6, C++, and POSIX versions!

  • A perfect fit for photovoltaic equipment (PVECI)


The Hume SECS/GEM software tools are provided in the Datahub Solution Development Kit (SDK).  The SDK includes high-level components and libraries, SECS host applications, and GEM compliant SECS equipment applications that you can copy from or modify to get your SECS/GEM deployment off to a fast start.  Here are just some of the features that Agilent, Delta Design, and other OEM equipment customers have found most valuable:  


  • Start with a working GEM-compliant, SECS interface ready for adding equipment specific customization.
  • Built-in standard behavior for the state models of GEM with handling of more than 100 standard SECS message types, all required GEM variables, and event types.  Complex features such as host defined event reports are already provided.
  • Leverages the Hume SECS/GEM application software which has been in 7x24 use by major equipment providers for years.
  • Includes customizable C#/.NET, Java, and Tcl/Tk SECS host applications for exercising and testing your tool's interface. 
  • The SDK also includes a minimal host test script which is a model for creating host side unit regression tests.
  • Example End-User SECS/GEM documentation is provided to help your company meet the documentation requirements of SECS and GEM.
  • Deploy robust, high performance, passive or active HSMS interfaces (E37).  We also support SECS-I (E4) if you need to provide RS-232 interfaces.
  • The SECS functionality includes low-level diagnostics and tracing, all of it dynamically adjustable.  Trace windows with dynamically adjustable views are available for each connection. 
  • SECS message data structures are created dynamically - you don't need a toolset update to provide for new message types or changes in the standards.
  • Complete support for the new SECS Variant data types also known as Localized Character Strings. 
  • The Datahub SDK also features a low-latency, in-memory SQL database with subscription server capability, and a versatile message system with support for a wide variety of programming environments.  These capabilities can be the architecture glue you need to integrate your controllers and sensor devices with your user interface and application logic.

Read more about the Datahub capabilities.



The Hume Datahub SDK includes versions of the SECS/GEM equipment software to support many different programming languages and platforms.

The Windows SECS Equipment .NET Component

  • The SecsPort .NET component features a fully CLS (Common Language Specification) compliant API and can be used from any of the Microsoft .NET programming languages, including C#, C++, Visual Basic, and Java.  The SECS/GEM features are completely exposed in the API and are useable from your favorite programming language.  You can view the detailed API information online. 
  • Event-based callbacks makes this library compatible LabView.  Example vi integration code is available.
  • The SDK includes C# source code for the SecsPort component, as well as C# source code for an example GEM equipment application.
  • The component is fully integrated into the .NET design environment with IntelliSense coding of event handlers, visible method descriptions, and parameter prompting.
  • There is full integration with the .NET runtime environment with high-performance use of threading, event dispatching, controllable trace output, and error handling.
  • Features transparent conversion of .NET Unicode string data to SECS data types.
  • The SecsPort component is 100% newly written Managed Code for safe execution by the Common Language Runtime with automatic provision for memory management, runtime safety, and version control.
  • Useable in multiple instances in the same application to provide more than one SECS interface.  Each interface can have its own custom handling of message types.  You may also use multiple instances of the Hume SecsHost component in the same application.  A typical use of multiple host instances is to act as a host for sub equipment and provide a single control interface to the factory software.

Windows Visual C++ / POSIX C++

  • The SecsEquipCpp class library is for equipment developers who want to use C++ on Windows 32 bit or 64 bit platforms, or a POSIX platform such as Linux.
  • Uses std::string and STL container classes for automatic memory management.
  • SECS/GEM capabilities are completely provided for in the C++ API - see the SecsEquipCpp reference information.
  • Integrated into the VC++ design environment with IntelliSense coding of class methods and parameter prompting.
  • Fully integrated into the VC++ runtime environment with high-performance use of threading, callback dispatching, controllable trace output, and error handling.
  • Designed for efficient and productive use of  Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and newer versions running on Windows Professional platforms.  The 64 bit Windows distribution comes with VS2010 project files.  An older product is available for Visual Studio 6.
  • Includes source code for the SecsEquipCpp class and an example GEM application.
  • Better performance with less resource usage than the .NET version makes this software a good fit for in-the-field upgrades

Windows Visual Basic 6.0

  • The VB SecsEquip control has similar features to our .NET Component, and provides a quick, low risk SECS deployment for Equipment OEMs who are running VB6 on existing systems.
  • A simpler API - designed for deploying a single SECS interface without the complexity or potential problems of using multiple threads.
  • Integrated into the VB design environment with IntelliSense coding of methods and parameter prompting.
  • Fully integrated into the VB runtime environment with usage of events, properties, and excellent diagnostic features such as the dynamically controllable trace.
  • Designed for efficient and productive use of  the Microsoft Visual Basic programming environment running on Windows Professional platforms, and other Active-X compatible platforms.

Java 2 Platform Version

  • The Java SecsEquip class library provides the high-level Hume SECS/GEM feature set on the portable Java 2 platform.
  • Compatible with all Java development environments, such as Eclipse and NetBeans, that are compatible with standard Java.
  • Uses a robust and proven SECS interface server which executes as a child process with minimal impact on your application execution.
  • Both HSMS passive and active roles are supported.
  • Transparent conversion of Java Unicode String data to all SECS data types including SECS Variant data, also known as Localized Character Strings.
  • Includes Java source code for the SecsEquip class library and a prototype equipment application.
  • Ready for your Linux or Windows deployment today!  Ask about our evaluation program.

Portable Tcl/Tk Software for POSIX and Windows

  • The Datahub SDK includes Tcl/Tk SECS Host and Equipment applications that run identically on Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows systems. 
  • These versatile applications can be extended and customized using the Tcl programming language and by adding new commands to the Tcl interpreter using compiled C or C++ code.   Tcl is a complete, general purpose programming language that supports procedures, OOP constructs, and extensibility; it is not a frustrating language subset.
  • The Equipment application is structured so that it can be run as a non-interactive SECS Server child process, being completely controlled through communication with a parent process. 
  • Tcl is interpreted and byte-code compiled on the fly without separate compile and link steps.  You can source changed code into a running application without shutting down and restarting.  So this can be a very effective platform for creating and debugging testing scripts even when a different language is chosen for the SECS interface deployment.
  • The software uses asynchronous IO and does not compromise the efficient, no-polling application event loop.

  • Multiple interleaved transactions with queuing are supported for both Host and Equipment roles.

  • As many connections as you want are supported in a single process.

  • Supports remote debugging using the Hume Datahub SDK applications Inspect and hubclient.

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