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The Datahub Solution Development Kit
The Datahub Solution Development Kit (SDK) is a cohesive and synergistic set of tools for Network Integrated Manufacturing.  The Datahub SDK is offered for Windows and major POSIX platforms including HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris. On Windows, the SDK includes high-level support for integrating OPC Data Access servers which are commonly used for PLC and device communication across many industries.  The SDK is particularly well-suited for the Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industries because of its strong support for the SEMI standards, both for equipment software development, and for the integration of manufacturing and test equipment in the factories.  In addition to world class support for deploying and using SECS/GEM equipment, the SDK provides an elegant architecture for developing robust, high-performance, distributed applications.  The SDK includes the Distributed Message Hub (DMH) software, a client-server message system which provides the connectivity needed to integrate application processes running on different computers, or running in different programming language environments.  The SDK also includes a high performance, in-memory SQL database that has subscription server capability.  The data management and subscription notification features of the Datahub software provide your applications the data they need when it is created or changed without polling.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive, flexible, and extensible support of the SEMI SECS/GEM Standards for a wide variety of programming languages and platforms
  • High-level support for integrating OPC Data Access servers on Windows.
  • Simple, robust inter-process communication without the hassles of DCOM or the threading complexity of RPC.
  • Field-proven, high-level programming interfaces and robust execution.  The SDK is in 7x24 use by major equipment vendors and well known manufacturing companies worldwide.
  • A portable, high-performance integration architecture using standard building blocks like SQL, TCP/IP, and message queue management.

What is included with the Datahub SDK product?

  • The SDK includes one year of support and software maintenance for a single developer, and licensing to use the SDK software on two computer systems.  Use of any of the SECS/GEM libraries, the OPC software, the DMH message system, and the other SDK features are all included at no additional charge.  Lower cost runtime licenses are available to resell to your customers or to run your applications on additional systems.  Site licensing is also available.
  • The SDK software includes all of our SECS/GEM software tools, both for the Equipment Developer and for the Factory Developer.  A wide variety of programming languages are supported.  Working, configurable host and equipment applications are also provided to help with development and testing.
  • The Datahub is our name for the unique, synergistic combination of our high performance SQL database, with subscription server capability, our DMH message system software, and the ability to configure procedures and subscription logic that execute in the Datahub process.  The SDK includes Datahub server software and all of our Datahub client libraries for your selected platform.  The POSIX SDK versions also include licensing to develop and use the Windows Datahub client libraries on a single Windows system.  The next section of this document, below, has more information and links on the Datahub features and the client software choices. (see Concept Diagram)

A closer look at the Datahub features


  • The DMH message system The DMH provides an asynchronous message passing system that spans a variety of operating systems, hardware platforms, and programming  language environments.  Here are links to reference information for the available client libraries:   .NETJava, Visual BasicCC++, and Tcl.   The Java, C, C++, and Tcl support can be used for both Windows and POSIX platforms.  The Visual Basic client software is an Active-X Control that can be used to integrate additional Windows platforms such as Delphi and LabView.  (the DMH in depth)


  • In-memory SQL Database Normalized data is managed in SQL tables with low-latency access to improve tool performance.   Use your SQL skills for fast integration.   (Datahub in depth)   (Datahub Reference Documentation)
  • Data Table Subscriptions In a synergistic leap, access to the in-memory SQL tables, can be provided by subscription without polling.  This high performance, in-demand approach reduces overhead on your inter-process communications.  When data changes, subscriptions notify your application.  
  • Elegant Separation of Data Producers from Data Consumers:   Data consumers subscribe to only what they need.  Eliminates frustration with message structure and publishing decisions.  Eliminates high-volume, real-time exchanges with your persistent database, by limiting traffic to selected application data.
  • Message Queuing:  The DMH integrates message queue management which smoothes over the peak loads of the production cycle and avoids bottlenecks.  The complexity of rate matching is borne by the message system, not your application code.    


  • High-level Interfaces:   Eliminates tedious coding and allows for rapid development times.  The Tcl high-level scripting language can be used to create procedures and subscriptions that execute in the Datahub process without the overhead of inter-process communication.  The core data management and message system functionality is compiled C code for portable, efficient operation.  DMH client software lets you control everything from your chosen platform.
  • Equipment Integration:  Equipment integration elements include comprehensive, flexible, and extensible support of the SEMI SECS/GEM protocols.  Serial devices, UDP, TCP/IP, and other protocols are supported by the SDK software.  Support for OPC Server integration on Windows is an included feature - see the  OPC Supervisor application.
  • XML Support:  The Datahub SDK includes popular third party software packages for parsing XML and for readily transforming application data into XML.  Now you can deploy a next-generation system using XML as an interface language or as a technology for structured documents.
  • Persistent Database Support:  Seamless integration with your ODBC compliant persistent database. 


  • Demonstrated High Reliability and Uptime:  The long-term uninterrupted operation of the Datahub software is a major source of our customer satisfaction. 
  • Robust Performance:  The Datahub and its equipment interface software has been expertly designed and created, resulting in a high-performance, scalable, smooth running product. 
  • Exceptional Diagnostic Capabilities:  Integral to our products is a deep comprehension of diagnostic needs.  Designed into all of our software from the beginning, our diagnostics provide fast and clear results.  Your advantage is fast problem resolution.

    See Reference Documentation       See Application Diagrams

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