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Example Application Diagrams

We have prepared a series of diagrams depicting how the Datahub SDK can be used for various applications.  In most of the diagrams, the boxes represent independent software processes, and the lines between the boxes represent inter-process communication.

Selected elements in the diagrams are linked to a documentation page for the application, the software component, or in some cases a relevant Tcl command.  These linked pages are displayed in new browser windows.

  Equipment Manufacturers
      Datahub Clients Datahub Clients
      GEM pair GEM pair
      GEM Equipment GEM Equipment
      Equipment APC Equipment APC
      On-tool Integration Host Supervisor
      GEM Device Host Cell

click on diagram elements for more information         

We hope that these diagrams convey to you the scope and power of our software tools.

If you would like to browse the complete Datahub toolset documentation in a separate framed window, click here.






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