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Application Components

Hume has developed a series of high-level application components for the NIM-enabled factory.   These components are working applications that can be customized and integrated into larger solutions. 


The Data Collection Component
The Data Collection Component (DCC) features comprehensive Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis capabilities including all traditional Shewhart and Attribute charts, along with cusum and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) control charts. The SPC capability is offered as part of a data collection system which accommodates capturing non-SPC context data such as lot, wafer ID, process step, etc.  The DCC includes configurable, table-driven security services so that privileged application features such as the configuration of SPC run rules are password protected.

In the usual client-server deployment, the DCC server communicates with User Interface processes, equipment interface processes, and java-enabled web clients, all using the DMH message system. The DCC is capable of sending e-mail messages, or placing telephone calls to notify recipients when SPC alarms occur. The DCC includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) client application that can be used to manage the configuration of data collection items, to view charted data, or to view tabular reports. The GUI also features the ability to manage SECS Trace Report and Event Report data collection by communicating with instances of the Hume SECS/GEM applications. The GUI can be used as a ready-to-run solution for managing automatically collected data, or as an embeddable component for the OEM or System Integrator.
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The Event Processing Component
The Event Processing Component (EPC) brings events and context data up into a high-level processing framework, where the table-driven configuration dictates how the events are to be handled, and what their meaning is as far as managing state, acquiring performance data, and executing application logic. The EPC is designed to serve as a single entity for both event-based business rule execution, and for finite state machine execution.  The EPC is designed to scale well. It can be applied to smaller problems such as coordinating the material flow in a workcell, and to larger problems such as tracking state-dependent performance data for dozens and dozens of connected factory tools.  In addition to configurable logging and diagnostic tracing, the EPC features a delightful new scheme for simplified high-performance access to persistent data.

The Scheduling Component
The Scheduling Component is a visual interface for managing periodic or one-shot tasks.  Screen shots and an overview are viewed using the link.  In addition to serious uses such as periodic report initiation, the component is handy as a musical alarm clock when traveling with your laptop computer!


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