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What is Network Integrated Manufacturing?

Network Integrated Manufacturing leverages Computer Integrated Manufacturing to create a new level of automation efficiency.  NIM integrates CIM elements into a supervisory whole.  Using a distributed, event-driven messaging framework, NIM accommodates rapid implementation, additions, and changes.  Subscription-based data access provides for unprecedented efficiency and accuracy of operation. 

To tool manufacturers, this means fast and flexible integration of diverse controllers and programming languages.  Inter-process communication is handled seamlessly, freeing resources to focus on accomplishing the tool's function. 

To Fab managers, NIM provides efficient unification of station and area controllers.  Supervisory and MES systems can then view diverse equipment and cells as a whole, whether in a prototype or production environment.  The result is a quantum gain in fast, efficient, and reliable process management. 

Hume Network Integrated Manufacturing sets the standard.  It is field proven in high performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.  Hume NIM is in use by major fabs and tool manufacturers such as FreeScale, Agilent, National, Delta Design, and Delphi.

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